Hello friends! I am so glad you're here. Let me start by introducing myself. I'm Amy, founder + owner of Bel Koz Haiti (meaning "Beautiful Cause" in Haitian Creole.) My love for Haiti began with a mission trip to Calebasse in 1999. After just one week in Haiti at the age of 15, I was hooked for life. Since then, I travel to Haiti every chance I get. For a few summers I was involved with a camp for 400+ kids! I will never forget the days of Kan d'ete Rev Zoranj! 6 months after the earthquake in 2010, I went to help rebuild. I remember watching the coverage on tv when it happened. I remember feeling so helpless and heartbroken. Time does have a way of easing the pain even though we will never forget the lives that were lost and the healing that is still taking place. Since then, I spent many years helping with teacher workshops in various areas of Haiti. My time in Haiti has shown me a deeper love and respect for Haiti and its people. God placed the desire on my heart to do something here in the United States that would allow me to be a part of a greater cause.
For Bel Koz Haiti, our mission is simple. We are strong believers in the fact that if everyone does their part, we can make the world a better place. In Haiti, we do this by providing skilled artisans dignified employment. A job that is allowing them to provide for their families; food, education, healthcare. I look at the artisans that Bel Koz employs as family. We take care of our family.
One of the things I love most about Bel Koz Haiti and our product is the fact that these talented Haitian artisans are making a beautiful product that our customers absolutely LOVE. These products inspire our customers. The bracelets and the charms serve as a personal daily reminder for that person who is struggling with depression and chose the charm, "Theres Always Hope" or "I Am Enough." To the person who is fearful that chose the reminder, "Fear Is A Liar" or the teenage girl who looks in the mirror and thinks she's not worthy, who's mother or friend gifted her with a bracelet that says, "Worthy" + "You Are Loved." I could go on and on about the people I've met in these past 4 years and the lives that have been touch by these simple bracelets and their powerful impact while going to markets, representing my artisan friends in Haiti.
The other thing I love equally as much is that Bel Koz Haiti then gives a portion of the proceeds back to nonprofit organizations on the ground in Haiti. In essence Bel Koz Haiti is just a tool that the Haitian people need to be able to help those around them. To make a difference in their own communities. To know that the product they are making is helping a skilled midwife provide care to a pregnant mama, or a child that is suffering from malnutrition is getting the care he needs from trained nurses and caregivers. To know that they are helping other parents send their children to school, provide nutrition and healthcare. I can't imagine how good that feels for our artisans. 
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